Now in its 6th year, Discarded to Divine has grown to be a major San Francisco fashion event. Looking at the reclaimed fashion creations of Discarded to Divine 2012 at Gensler earlier this month, I am certain that this year’s talents don’t disappoint. Just look at Dawn Castel’s creation (pictured left) for a taste of what this year’s talents bring out.

It goes without saying that I admire the concept of making one-of-a-kind fashion item from discarded materials from St. Vincent de Paul Society and recycled materials. It’s the ultimate DIY!

And the fact that it showcases both more successful local designers as well as emerging / student designers really bring forth the unique fashion talents in the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking at these creations up close at Gensler, I can’t help but feeling really happy and more inspired to do more DIY projects :)

Now on display at de Young Museum, public can view these beautiful creations until they go up for silent auction on Thursday, April 26, 2012 at SF Design Center Galleria.

Browse the images below for more sneak peek of this year’s Discarded to Divine 2012 talents:

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Sometimes recycling discarded materials is a concept that’s being touted much louder than it is being implemented. However, here in San Francisco, the city is full with people who are prepared to do the walk and making the concept a reality.

Discarded to Divine has become a major eco-fashion event, but on a much smaller scale, I hope there are more of us who take active roles in introducing various eco-friendly activities in our daily life.

Counting down to Earth Day,

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