First off, let me be straight about one thing: I’m a dog lover. Cats vs. dogs….dogs win, hands down. Period :) Now I want to share some great dog pictures and close it off with and OK Go Video.

I love dogs so much that looking at great dog pictures is 100% guaranteed to at least put a smile on my face. Ana Kuperberg’s Slobber Space IS my one-stop destination to see great dog pictures (as well as find more inspiration about picture composition and camera angles). I strongly recommend for you to DO check it out if you’re a dog lover just like I am.

One more thing you should check out is Dave Imms. He captures that unique, seemingly simple but thoroughly complicated relationship between a dog and his/her owner. The pictures are simple and straight-forward, but you can feel the deep connection between the dog and the owner. Fascinating.

Now, to cap it off, this is a great OK Go video “White Knuckles” that promotes rescue dog adoption. The sheer joy you will feel from watching this video will hopefully set your gleeful mood for the rest of the day. Enjoy :)


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