Cop Copine opens its first US store in San Francisco in 2009, yet after 3 years it is still yearning for brand exposure and awareness in the city. I have been a fan of Cop Copine since I first stumbled upon the brand when I was in Paris 5 years ago. And having the brand available here in San Francisco is great news and I hope many more women will discover the brand in the city. So when Charleston Pierce invited me to “Charleston Pierce Presents Cop Copine Paris SF” event on December 12, 2012, I just had to come :)

Simply chic with understated details that are effective without trying hard to be noticed, these are designs for women looking for great and unique design (nothing of the “same old, same old” styles), quality, and good price. And that’s how both Dr. Lillie Mosaddegh and her husband Ahmad Bayat, the owners of the store, as well as the holder of exclusive U.S. rights to open Cop.Copine boutiques) identified the brand during the evening fashion show event at the 343 Powell St. store. Charleston Pierce (pictured below right, with yours truly) hosted, produced, and choreographed the Cop Copine Paris SF event that showcased the “très chic”, versatile allure of Cop Copine designs.

CopCopineSF-12A family-owned business, the brand prides its philosophy of looking forward, something that has not been created. Instead of mass production, each pieces are made in limited quantity each seasons. Lillie is so in love with the brand, her first Cop Copine purchase in France was about 50+ pieces. That night, the audience got to see why Cop Copine holds a certain place in her heart. Easy-to-personalize pieces with subtle details and varied textures materialize in chic separates, knits, dresses, and coats. Mostly in basic color palettes of black, white, grey, navy, and red.

CopCopineSF-2“I think Cop Copine IS San Francisco,” Lillie briefly explained why she did not choose arguably more popular locations like New York and Los Angeles when deciding to open the first US store. And it’s easy to agree with her on that statement. Whether you’re wearing the same clothes to carry you from day to night events, adding / shedding layers, or exercising the different ways of wearing the same garment, it’s always “everyday French chic” and it’s easy to incorporate them into one’s wardrobe.

Thank you once again to Charleston Pierce, who invited me to this “très chic” event; and congratulations once again to Lillie and Ahmad for strong three years in San Francisco (and counting!). I hope many more people will come to shop and love Cop Copine in San Francisco :)

Below are some additional pictures I took that night. There are some of my favorite details / pieces, and the last picture is of Lillie, Ahmad, their son, Charleston, and all of the models.


Until next time, and Happy Holidays!!!

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