All good things must come to an end. Another beloved San Francisco local spot is closing and it’s heart-breaking. Lalola, one of my favorite San Francisco hang-out spots with great food (and dessert) that features monthly flamenco performance at its basement Cava Baja is closing its doors soon. Make sure you don’t miss out on the last two flamenco shows at Lalola!

A little bit of sharing: I just recently discovered Lalola early this year; several good friends recommended this place highly for its great tapas selection and yummy dessert. It was a great hang-out experience, and before long, we came back again to enjoy one of their monthly flamenco performances.

It was a night to remember. Pure flamenco performances with no gimmicks; just an overwhelming amount of fierce, powerful dancing, passionate singing, and warm story-telling throughout. Determined movements of their limbs, romantic strums of the guitar, rhythmic claps of their hands, rapid flower-hair-pins-tossing flicks of their hair, dripping sweats on their faces, and soulful singing of the one-and-only Kina Mendez that night were intertwined together to form pure magic. It was simply, for the lack of better words, incredible.

But after this weekend, Lalola fans and supporters have to wait (hopefully not too long) until the team gets another venue to serve great tapas and showcase monthly flamenco performances. So if you are a Lalola or flamenco performance fan, or better yet, have never experienced Lalola’s tapas or flamenco performances, this is your last chance. DO NOT miss it.

There will be two final flamenco shows at Lalola’s Basement (1358 Mason Street) this weekend:
The first one is on Friday, October 12th – start at 7:30pm. There will be two sets: 8:00pm and 9:15pm.
The second and final show is on Sunday, October 14th – start at 6:30pm. There will be two sets: 7:00pm and 8:15pm.

Jose Cortes – Singer
Fanny Ara – Dancer
Cristina Hall – Dancer (Friday shows only)
Melissa Cruz – Dancer (Sunday shows only)
David Paez – Guitarist

What you need to know:
– $15-cash only cover (First drink included)
– No food service during the show. Please enjoy the wonderful LaLola cuisine BEFORE/AFTER the performance or during the intermission (upstairs!) (
– Save some time for parking!

In closing note, I’d like to share you some pictures that Chris took when we were there last February. Kina Mendez was the singer (I love her), Clara Rodriguez and Melissa Cruz were the dancers, and David Paez was the guitarist. Please click on the image below once to expand the whole album. Hope you like the underground feeling of these pictures and that you are more inclined to catch Lalola’s last two flamenco shows :)

[shashin type=”album” id=”219″ size=”large” crop=”n” columns=”max” caption=”y” order=”date” position=”center”]

Here’s to Lalola! Until next time,

Happy Update!!! The good food and amazing monthly flamenco shows have returned to a new home BASK, 42 Columbus Ave. The monthly flamenco performances is done on Sunday evening (6pm) on either the first or second Sunday of the month. As time goes on, I believe BASK will have a set schedule soon. So rejoice, Lalola fans!

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