Guys, you know the feeling when time seems to stand still and your memories flash before your eyes?

Well, I sure don’t. Because for the past handful of weeks, time was blazing fast and sometimes I don’t even have any idea where I am or who I am. OK, maybe not that severe, but perhaps you get the gist of it. Lo and behold, it’s already Friday, June 17, 2011. Even though I’m bummed looking at how many days passed between my last post and this, I do rejoice the fact that there’s so much hot stuff going on.

Huge thanks for Refinery 29 for the 16 fabulous things happening this weekend.
Two things jump at me for Saturday events: The North Beach Festival  at 10 am to 6 pm, as well as the Vacation Vintage Pop-Up Shop from 1 – 5 pm. Will definitely work my way around those two places tomorrow before attending the Art Institute of California – San Francisco’s Annual Spring Fashion Show: “The Fashion Line-Up”  at SF Design Center in the evening.

Oh, and do you know that Azalea has $45 for $90 or $100 for $200 deal going on? If you’re like me, who adores what Azalea boutique has to offer, you’ve got to have it!

But life’s not all about your own consumption. Help L.E.S Runway reach its $8,500 goal for the next three days! It’s donating for a great cause, elevating local fashion designers to present their works on catwalk and sell through a pop-up shop in NYC. Isn’t that great? Cheryl Maleh, you go girl.

Have a great weekend guys,

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