The winter blizzard cannot stop the Academy of Art talents from showing on the runway last month. The Academy of Art Fall 2013 at NYFW presentation is modern, chic, and sophisticated (as well as a bit wild, which is a good thing). The students’ work once again proves that there is no excuse to underestimate their capabilities compared to their professional peers just because they are “student” designers.

Thank you Academy of Art for sharing the video; the collections shown for New York Fashion Week can be viewed on the video below:

For a little bit more information regarding each of the collections, check out Fashion School Daily (if you haven’t already).  My favorites are stacked at the beginning of the show. Janine Villa & Amanda Nervig, whose vintage Welsh blankets-inspired colors and patterns give me a serious desire to stock up better-than-fair-isle pieces. And that’s saying something considering I have not even put away my fall/winter 2012 outfits yet (it’s still cold….sometimes). They are modern, and their tailored silhouettes make them feel really fresh and youthful, not heavy.

Yuming Weng is my favorite of the bunch, with her Lombard Street-like waves accents that are so gorgeously executed (yes, I’m agreeing with what Cathy Horn pointed out at New York Times). The grey coat with 3D swirl accent is especially chic and brilliant. I cannot say much because her work really speaks for itself. I’m so in love.

The trio of Teresa Field (fashion designer), James Thai (textile designer), and Leah Aripotch (jewelry designer) produced such powerful result of a collaboration, it’s SICK. The silhouettes are clean, which give way to the textiles to roar, and the mysterious yet so cool accessories to give the midas touch. All together, it feels so well-put together on women that hide terrible, sinister secrets inside. So intriguing like the the best mystery / thriller novels out there. If you like this collection too, you need to see more close-up looks from the collection, especially the structural organic, snake-like and bird-claw-like accessories.

I know you have seen the runway video above, but below is the album of all of the pieces presented on Academy of Art Fall 2013 at New York Fashion Week. Thank you once again to Ian Mackintosh from AAU for sharing these pictures!

[shashin type=”album” id=”229″ size=”medium” crop=”n” columns=”max” caption=”y” order=”date” position=”center”]

Congratulations to all AAU student designers, you never cease to amaze.

Until next time,

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