Last week on Saturday, June 19, 2010, I was very lucky happy to attend the Art Institute of California – San Francisco’s annual graduation fashion show “The United Streets of Fashion”. If last year I was very impressed with their Fashion Metamorphosis show, then this year I admire the students’ talent level more. The designs are exciting, unique, creative, and for the most part, well-constructed. Although the color palettes were not as colorful compared to last year’s (at least in my opinion), the students were successful in capturing the many faces of San Francisco fashion style.

The reviews that followed after the show showed that these young designers have serious talents for us to happily anticipate their works in the future. Lorraine Sanders from 7× shared standout pieces from the show, whereas Cynthia Anderson from “warned” fashion professionals not to take these students lightly. If you attended the show and want to know about the songs the DJs picked, Nights in Shining Armour shared them all (she also picked the name for the 9 scenes that represented the show’s themes). I personally am really excited to see how San Francisco fashion styles develop in upcoming months; can’t wait to see the day when people consider San Francisco as a fashion capital. For me, it already happened =D


Here are all the garments featured on the show, enjoy!
Pictures by: Christian Hadidjaja


Scene I : Electric Landlady
Designs by Jordan Alexandra:
I love the earth tones, and especially love the 2nd look’s jacket.
Designs by Rachel Brooks:
With the exception of the 2nd look’s shorts, I love this collection and their overall constructions.


Design by Rachel Poulos:
One of San Francisco fashion style staple – the unisex look!








Designs by Autie Carlisle:
One of my favorite designer of the night, her designs are light but edgy, glamour but casual. And that last look’s skirt, I mean, WOW! I love it.








Designs by Dallas Coulter:
This gal is so talented and I LOVE all of her works featured throughout the show. Mad respect, lady.


Scene II : Lust for Life
Designs by Justyna Fiuk:
Although she’s very creative in using colors (as she also demontrated during last year’s fashion show), I find the garments “too busy” sometimes. Personal preference, perhaps.


Scene III : Date with the Night
Designs by Tia Young:
Love the 1st look; the model is very hot as well. Very sexy…


Designs by Coral Castillo:


Designs by Raquel Kirstien:


Scene IV : Terminally Chill
Designs by Stephanie Stayer:


Designs by Sarah Baker:


Designs by Alisha Wilson:


Scene V : Chic Mystique
Design by Rachel Poulos:


Designs by Coral Castillo:
So sweet, romantic, and yet the dresses exude some nobel pride….LOVE them.


Designs by Leslie Fong:
LOVE the 2nd look! And gorgeous model, too…


Scene VI : Deadbeat Summer
Designs by Rachel Poulos:


Designs by Autie Carlisle:
The first two props were VERY distracting, but I like the 4th swimsuit. And the reversible dress? The model had some difficulty pulling it off, but when she did reveal the bright pattern on the other side of all that black, EVERYONE cheered gleefully! Fabulous!








Scene VII : Uptown Girl
Designs by Stephanie Stayer:
Gorgeous wedding dresses…


Design by Autie Carlisle:
Buttons-filled-bustier? Can I get one? Please?


Designs by Lianzi Liu:
While I don’t particularly love the 1st look, the 2nd garment was….AMAZING.


Design by Andrew Landrith:
Edgy, quirky, bright, and very well-constructed. Great work!


Scene VIII : The Recluse
Designs by Cameron Stewart:
Very strong, consistent looks with great builds.


Designs by Justin Jamison:


Scene IX : Star Struck
Design by Danielle Tilford:
Gorgeous ballet dancer….she single-handedly made this costume alive!


Designs by Alisha Wilson:


Design by Rachel Poulos:
I’m…not sure about the back of the dress. Front, side, bottom parts are gorgeous, but….yeah.


Designs by Jessica Cabrera:


Design by Coral Castillo:
Daring mermaid dress. It’s so Coral in a completely gorgeous way.







Design by Justyna Fiuk:


Designs by Dallas Coulter:
Did I mention how much I love Dallas’ designs? I LOVE these dresses….VERY MUCH.








Rock N’ Roll Fashion Show – sponsored by Museum of Performance and Design
Winner: Dallas Coulter
Yay! Love her ensemble. It’s very hip and cool, and I want that flare jeans.
She’ll have her garment displayed on featured exhibition “Somethin’s Happening Here” until August 28, 2010; get a 1-year membership, and 1-year internship with the museum’s costume department. Cool, eh?








Runner-up: Annie Kuang
Her pieces are cute and bold; I especially like the white furry leg warmers.
She’ll have her garment displayed on featured exhibition “Somethin’s Happening Here” until August 28, 2010.








Designs by Kim Pinto:


Designs by  Chris Topham:


Designs by Ting Sirivisasokul:


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