I was looking forward for the Art Institute of California – San Francisco’s spring fashion show since early this year, and this year’s presentation of Art Institute of California Fashion Lineup really highlighted great talents and creative concepts. The fact that four of the six winners of the night were the ones doing the Independent Fashion Show back in April also really (somehow) made me very proud of them :)

The fashion show production was as professional as ever (kudos to all of the production crew; job well done!) and the three judges this year were Bacca da Silva, Angela Medlin, and Joseph Domingo. I do agree completely with their winner picks; all six of them are fully noted here.

As always, awesome photography by Christian Hadidjaja, and here are the collections of the night:

Scene 1: Synthetic vs. Natural

Collection by Autie Carlisle:
I first saw Autie’s collection during the Constituent Parts Fashion Show, so seeing them here only refreshed my memory of how great these pieces were constructed. Plus, the  lighting actually helped me see the details more :)

Collection by Rachel Poulos:
Similarly, I also first this collection during the Constituent Parts Fashion Show. But I still have mad love for that orange-red dress. Rachel, I want one! By the way, Rachel is the runner-up for Best Construction award of the night. She gets a PGM dress form (I hope she gets what she wants: dress form size 8).

Scene 2: Paratrooper’s Peril

Collection by Cameron Stewart:
The mighty Cameron Stewart always delivers in his innovative concept, brilliant construction, and out-of-the-box thinking. I mean, who knew white straight jackets can look so cool? The models wore these garments so well, with confident stride and fearless attitude. Great job!

Scene 3: Natural Disaster

Collection by Brittany Hassler:
There were definitely an army of Brittany’s supporters sitting on the second row, just behind me that night. These people cheered non-stop for each garment that graced the catwalk, and the yelling only peaked when Brittany herself walked at the end of the show for designer parade. And as you can see below, this girl DEFINITELY has a lot of potentials. That navy draped collar top with striped a-line skirt? Love.

Scene 4: Rapprocher d’Eau

Collection by Cameron Stewart:
These are the ones Cameron presented during Constituent Parts Fashion Show, and I have to say that they looked better the second time around. Some of the models were actually stronger than the ones presenting this collection back in April. And of course I love the bags! I need one :) Oh, did I mention that he won the Best In Show? YES! Congratulations for getting your $2K scholarship, Cameron!

Collection by Justin Jamison:
I gave Justin a rather hard time for his presentation on Constituent Parts Fashion Show. This time around, looking at his two distinctive collections separately really made a lot more sense to me. A nice companion to Cameron’s previous collection, Justin’s collection held its own ground and clearly reflected the designer’s personal style.

Scene 5: Juxtaposition

Collection by Aurelia Meyers:
A complete 180 from the first four scenes, this collection offers whimsical dresses for tweens and an origami-swans-attached dress for closing number. I am not sure such strong royal blue color or the butterfly tulip sleeve overdress will appeal to the youngsters, though.

Collection by Kyuri Choi:
Casually fun collection. The wired headband really reminds me of Kelly Hick’s DIY. The ideas are adorable and the details are pretty superbly done, but I would think twice about wearing the grey dress with cutouts on both sides. If that gorgeous model even look as if she has some phantom love handles, then how about the rest of us normal humans?


Scene 6: Urban Hunter

Collection by Gussie Mosely:
Two looks in one walk. Somehow I’m reminded of those guys fly-fishing in Yosemite.

Collection by Karen Perez:
Lovely collection that reminds me of old-school Gap collection. Those hats really complete the look and the styling was just gorgeous. Casual but strong AND sexy. Well done. And I love those bags, too.


Scene 7: Sweet Dreams

Collection by Tia Young:
Oh la la, Tia’s sexy lingerie collection made its hot stroll down the catwalk. Sometimes though, it seems like they’re a bit too sexy? For example, I’m not a fan of how the 3rd look was presented. I do, however, love the 4th look. Sexeeeh!!


Scene 8: Greek Ideals

Collection by David Enciso:
Let me give it straight: I’m not a fan of this collection. I think the ideas are there, but the fabric made this collection looks cheap. I’m honestly having a hard time appreciating this collection. Which is too bad because the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. I’m sorry.


Collection by Justin Jamison:
Drapey knits and layered looks. My favorite is the second look (the model is perfect for this top, by the way). And congratulations Justin, for being the runner-up of Best in Show! I hope he didn’t get a fight with Rachel Poulos over the PGM dress forms…

Collection by Chad Leal:
Another runner-up of the night! Chad is the runner-up for Most Creative. And looking at his well-constructed condom vests and jackets, you really shouldn’t be surprised :) It’s raining condoms, everybody!


Scene 9: Dracula

Collection by Dallas Coulter:
Miss Dallas once again showed off her always gorgeous and dramatic flair with these Victorian ensemble. They’re so beautifully done and breath-taking. I’m quite speechless, really.


Scene 10: Geometric Nightmare

A piece by Sarah Baker:
Sarah’s piece (see right) might be a prelude to Autie’s full-on geometric madness, but this piece is well-made and cohesive in its own fabric piecings.

Collection by Autie Carlisle:
I’m a huge fan of Autie. This collection is a complicated concept coming to life with such controlled creative and skills that allow all garments to stay true to the designer’s personality. Her collection might be too arty for some people, but I am VERY proud of her, especially looking at her growth from one collection to the next. Can’t wait to see what’s next from this lady! Autie is the winner for Most Creative award for the night, earning her $1K scholarship. Congrats Autie!

P.S.: during the designer parade, her dark green trench coat caught my attention. I found a similar one at ASOS and now I’m restraining myself from ASOS’s Summer Sale :)

Scene 11: Minuit a Paris

Collection by Samantha Armann:
A lovely collection, even though not too consistent. Like the second look the most, and the last look is clearly very hard to walk in (the model was making her way slowly and carefully wiggling her legs in that dress).

Collection by Jennifer Catalan:
The steep cut on the first look’s one-shoulder dress really made me wonder if this is intentional or not. Very curious. Really loving the organza appliqued squares on the second and third looks.

Collection by Kristin Murray:
That wedding dress. Simple, clean-cut beautiful with gorgeous red flower for hair accessory. So why oh why was the back tie of that dress undone during the presentation?

Scene 12: Gold Standard

Collection by Sarah Baker:
Looking at this dramatic collection (dark room with white blinding spotlight following the models), I wrote down “the modern Count of Monte Cristo”.
The first look was a slight hiccup for me since it’s obvious that the white jacket was too big for that model, but the collection grows stronger with each look and peaked at the last one. Well done, one of my favorites for the night. And Sarah’s shoes? Very cool.


Scene 13: Dark Beauty

Collection by Monica Avila:
I’m not a huge fan of this collection in terms of garment finishing, but the fitting looks great.


Collection by Dallas Coulter:
Once again, Lady Dallas. These garments remind me of Lady Gaga’s costumes, but hey, if you can make them as impeccable as she does, you can do anything. A deserving closing collection of the night, topped with a sweet win: Dallas won the Best Construction award and $1K scholarship! Brava!


Congratulations again for all the designers (see all of them in the gallery below), great work, and good luck for all of you. Great things await for your future in fashion.

Thank you for reading,