During my (close-to) 3 years I’ve been in the Bay Area, I never visited California College of the Arts (CCA) building even though I’ve been in the Potrero Hill area several times (for Chez Maman, whose owner scolded me once for eating the famous burger using my knife and fork).

So Friday, May 13 was my first time visiting the grand CCA building in the perhaps-not-so-friendly neighborhood. Turned the corner towards 8th St. and there it is in its glory. And just like the week before, it was windy as hell.

Once inside the building, I was immediately greeted by friendly CCA staff who were more than happy to help me with our passes (“our”? Yeah…my photographer, remember?). Walking deeper into the building, we were surrounded by art exhibits and labyrinth-like galleries featuring stunning student works.

Room 110 was where all the backstage action was taking place, which was quite serene and Zen-like, unlike crazy last-minute scenes that Project Runway seemed to continuously portrayed. Speaking of Project Runway, several ladies who were standing just outside of the room, marveling at all the activities inside were discussing that show. At one point, Christian Siriano‘s name came up. Fierce.

But anyways, the models were in the middle of getting their hair and make-up done, and after looking at all the backstage pictures, I did have some favorites.
Enjoy the slideshow below, and the actual fashion show review will be up soon.

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Sorry for my picture popping up on the slideshow you guys, I was definitely NOT one of the models :) Oh who am I kidding, I just want to be included in the slideshow. I’m not sorry ;)

Have a great evening,

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