San Francisco-based Evgenia Lingerie by Stephanie Bodnar continues to reveal the beauty of boudoir with its Fall/Winter 2015 “Tempest” collection. Photos courtesy of Evgenia Lingerie.

Evgenia Lingerie’s runway presentation at Fashion On The Square 2014 was memorable, mainly because it was the only presentation that showcased undergarments. However, its presentation during Jake Wall’s Suit Up for Equality 2014 was more effective. Stephanie Bodnar’s creations intertwined with garments with other designers, giving a more accurate idea of how women may incorporate lingerie in their outfits, either inside or outside.

This year, I came across Evgenia Lingerie for the third time during FiSF (Fashion Incubator of San Francisco) pop-up store opening night in Westfield SF. She’s the first FiSF designer who returned for a second term, and I’m glad to see her lingerie pieces more closely, so I can see their refined beauty and quality in much fairer detail than during runway shows.

Stephanie believes that “beautiful lingerie should never be a secret.” Pairing her deco camisole or corset with your day-to-day outfits is expected. Her corsets are the best seller, thanks to their sleek appearance, sturdy construction, ease of use (it’s really quick to put on and take off), and versatility. As expected from a former buyer and lingerie fitter; Stephanie puts great emphasis of construction to craft beautiful and intricate pieces that are durable

During our latest encounter, she gave me a press kit that contains her newest Fall/Winter 2015 collection, titled “Tempest.” The corsets are there, as well as bralettes, chemises, camisoles, bloomers, and sleep masks made with silks and fine French laces. Very alluring, feminine, and classic, these pieces are definitely for, as Stephanie said it, the “modern heartbreaker.”

Go ahead, see Evgenia Lingerie Fall/Winter 2015 pieces below. Aren’t they flirtatious yet very wearable?

Photos: Courtesy of Evgenia Lingerie.
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I wish Stephanie all the best and I hope Evgenia Lingerie (f.k.a. Honey Cooler Handmade back in 2011) continues to grow. This locally produced line of fine lingerie is intriguing and I wish to have some of her pieces (the first one being the corset, definitely) soon!

Thanks for reading; until next time,

Photos: Courtesy of Evgenia Lingerie.

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