My apologies for the late post, but I just finished cutting and sewing my first ever convertible top (or dress if you make it so) !! Thank you Tomoko Nakamichi for showing me the way! I mean, you should totally get this book even if you’re just slightly interested in sewing…..seriously.

OK, so back to the title…..San Carlos. Yes, who would’ve known San Carlos has so much treasures? From the beloved-by-the-community Thrift Center that frequently have 50% discounts on Mondays or some early bird specials, the turn-back-time antique stores such as the one in Laurel Street, Antiques Then & Now (the place where I got my golden brooch-chain-necklace and vintage French beaded purse), or Antiques Unlimited. I mean, come on now. Treasures. Treasures, I’m telling you.

So next time you’re in San Carlos and are looking for something that’s off but special, things to trigger your DIY projects, or just digging for some antique treasures, you’ll know where to go. And if you’re hungry but realized you threw away most of your money at the above-mentioned stores, you HAVE to check out Mediterranean Delite. Cheap AND Great. Greek salad, cous cous, or the chicken plate are to die for.

2 more days to 2011, OMG,

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