I finally got to wear my Evgenia Lingerie corset to a fashion show! La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni black gown and Jocelyn Outerwear shrug provided the perfect canvas. I felt so glamorous that night. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

One of the highlights of FiSF pop-up store opening last year at Westfield San Francisco was getting a shift in perception about lingerie. Stephanie Bodnar of Evgenia Lingerie showcased sexy and elegant lingerie pieces that can be worn traditionally hidden as undergarments or daringly displayed as statement pieces. For me, her corsets (always the best sellers) falls squarely into the latter category.

Then again, I’m a fan of Evgenia Lingerie corsets. They instantly make the wearer sexy, and they look so beautiful. So why would I want to keep the corset hidden when I wear it?

Fast forward to 2016, I now have two Evgenia Lingerie corsets. I don’t follow trends, but it’s interesting to see corsets (and lingerie in general) have re-emerged as a major fashion trend. People’s perception towards corsets is complicated still; is it a ‘feminist tool’ or also a weight-loss aid? It doesn’t matter. Wearing a corset makes me look sexy and elegant. Period.

So for months, I had been waiting for the right time to wear my white Evgenia Lingerie Janus corset. It’s a limited edition – made with transparent strips adorned with vintage french lace. That evening at California College of the Arts 2016 Annual Fashion Show on May 13, I got my perfect chance.

The white corset needed a perfect canvas. So I chose to wear La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni dress and Jocelyn Outerwear shrug – both from Rent the Runway (I subscribed to their Unlimited plan). When Chris finished tying the corset laces, I was genuinely ecstatic that every element of the outfit worked out so well!

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I kept everything else minimal. In addition to my watch, a pair of small teardrop earrings from Macy’s, a thin silver ring, a French Connection fan-shaped purse, and a pair of black flats of Target’s Sam & Libby completed the look.

For my hair, I did a quick sleek ponytail, braided it, and wrapped it to a bun, and secured the shape with bobby pins. For my makeup, I opted for black eyeliner, rosy blush, and Dose of Color’s Dark Secret lipstick.

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I felt really glamorous that night. The fashion show audience members seemed to agree as well – both women and men approached me to give their kind compliments during the pre-show VIP reception.

In the fashion show tent, before the show started, I got to catch up with the always amazing San Francisco couturier Colleen Quen, who is also a California College of the Arts instructor!

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And I was so happy to spot Frederic Aranda of Electric Fashion! It’s awesome to see him again a mere two days after Academy of Arts University 2016 Graduation Fashion Show.

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After the show, Chris and I spent some more time in the campus building, weaving our ways in the myriad student exhibitions. And we found this wall with giant “MAGIC” word on it. Well, we found the perfect background now!

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And with that last shot, our magical night concluded. Really, I was (and still am) really happy that I got to wear my corset that night, caught up with amazing friends, and experienced the CCA fashion show. What a memorable night, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Thanks for reading; until next time,

Style notes: Evgenia Lingerie corset, La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni dress, and Jocelyn Outerwear shrug.

Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

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