Let me start by saying that it is honestly rare that I am asked to review something this nice. So when a warm email from MUJJO founder in Holland arrived in my inbox, asking me to review MUJJO MacBook Air Sleeve, of course I said yes.

Not only they look great on the website (Chris was particularly very excited about this particular product review), it looks just as amazing in person. I can say that after looking at the product and examining the craftsmanship, those stellar reviews online are justified.

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The MUJJO MacBook Air Sleeve is handmade to snugly fit the MacBook Air 13″ model. It’s handsomely clean; its body is made from 100% wool felt and its flap is made from vegetable-tanned leather.

Not only we enjoy the pleasing aesthetic of this sleeve (that fits beautifully with San Francisco vibe, I feel), but we also like its functionality. The snap and rivets are lined so your laptop only “touches” the soft, thick wool felt. There is a front storage compartment in which you can store your notes, stationery, and ear plugs. The packaging does say you can also put your charger in this compartment, but I personally would not recommend stuffing your charger in there.

That aside, this sleeve is such a looker; I simply could not stop staring at it when we enjoyed our chocolate drinks at San Francisco’s Dandelion Chocolate cafe at Valencia St.

The MUJJO MacBook Air 13″ Sleeve is quite thin, yet sturdy. The dimension is 352mm x 264mm x 20mm. We like the sturdy (not stiff) one button on the right of the leather flap; it provides simple closure and keeps your laptop in securely. But we LOVE the 3mm 100% wool felt body because it underwent anti-peeling treatment and is water repellent. YAY!!

Pictures of the MUJJO sleeve details (plus our half-consumed Dandelion Chocoloate drinks) can be seen below:
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For this MacBook Air Sleeve product, MUJJO prides itself with Dutch Craftsmanship, Smart Couture, and High Quality, Sustainable Materials. If you’re looking for a handsomely made sleeve with high fashion AND functionality, then perhaps MUJJO MacBook Air Sleeve is for you. The wool felt is strong yet soft to the touch and easy to clean. The leather flap is of high quality top-grain 100% vegetable-tanned leather, hand-dyed using environmentally friendly dyes.

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Last but not least, we want to give a loving shout-out to Dandelion Chocolate (pictured left), whose chocolate drink creations we really love since we first discovered it a few weeks ago. It is becoming one of our must-stop-by places in Mission neighborhood.

A notable quick fact from the company’s Press page: “Dandelion is one of the few small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in America. We source cocoa beans directly and make finished chocolate from the bean, rather than molding and working with already finished chocolate.”

Honestly, we certainly won’t mind just ordering our drinks (which happened to be Chocolate Lemon Ginger and Cacao Lychee Smoothie, at that time) and simply hang out and observing people…the place is so warm and inviting, not to mention energizing and always mesmerizing.

Oh, and I have to make one more comment about the sleeve’s sturdiness. Sometime after we left Dandelion, we accidentally dropped our laptop that’s inside the sleeve on the road. Our laptop was unharmed, the button was still shut tightly, and the leather flap only experienced a micro-sized nick on the side. Handsome and sturdy, what an awesome sleeve!

Thank you MUJJO for letting us review the MacBook Air Sleeve, we hope you are selling a lot of these, and cheers from San Francisco Bay Area to Holland!

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Until next time,

Notes: This is not a paid review, just like any other product reviews featured on Fafafoom.com. And we just love Dandelion Chocolate so much; you guys should try it if you haven’t already!

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