Perhaps Fafafoomers already noticed that I’m not one to follow fashion trends that much. Like many of you, confident fearless women, I like styles that speak to me personally and not the ones people say are in trend or considered “cool” in their standard. And it’s not that you have to be stylish all the time, it’s totally OK to go off-duty with super casual ensemble every so often. Just knowing that you can always step up the stylish fashionable game anytime you want is a powerful thought to have.

So please indulge me just a little bit; below are pictures of my favorite Musank Styles in 2013. Some are unexpected, some are totally expected (lots of grey, wedding pictures), some are subtle, some incorporate my DIY projects (I’m encouraging you to find your love for DIY projects if you haven’t already), and they are all me.

Many are outfit pieces I own for more than 2 years, and they will be a great reminder of how I can mix and match them with other elements in 2014. Moreover, they remind me of pieces I normally gravitate towards. Therefore, I can plan to get more out-of-the-box pieces and not go towards the same old, predictable pieces I already owned next time I go shopping! And by the way, if you find a great pair of gaucho pants next time you go shopping, let me know, will ya?

*Featuring the Zebra Clutch.

*Featuring the Tie-In Sweater.

*Featuring the Gigi fascinator from Whittall & Shon Hats.

*Featuring the Fringe Sandals.

*Featuring the Wedding Birdcage Veil with Flowers.

*Featuring the purple flower brooch.

As usual, I give thanks to Christian Hadidjaja for these pictures :)
These pictures were mostly taken in San Francisco; can you correctly guess all of the SF locations?

Have a great weekend everyone, until next time,