Sock & Shoe Combos - Daily CandyIf there’s one Spring 2011 trend that I absolutely love, it’s Sock  & Shoe Combos. Even when people was scolded for wearing socks or tights underneath their open-toe shoes, I love wearing socks. For me, it makes walking on those high heels much more bearable. Plus, tights and socks are super fun for cold-weather-oriented city like San Francisco.

And so it was absolutely delightful for me when I went to ASOS and found so many cute socks and tights starting from $5! And they ship free in the US as well! I already have 5 favorites in here, and none of them is above $20, so that’s a good sign, right? Maybe not, but whatever. I want some socks! And tights! Especially since my Uniqlo black tights became ruined, I’m in serious need for tights. And socks.

So I’ll go socks-and-tights shopping for next few days, as well as making donations to Red Cross. Nihon, akiramenai de kudasai ne! Anata-tachi wa, hontou ni tsuyoi kuni dakara. Gambatte!

With love,

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