Melissa - Ashanti at ideeliThere’s no doubt that holiday online shopping this year has been successful. Yes, the economy is still struggling but the forecast for 2011 has been encouraging, especially if you only focus on the last quarter of the year :) That being said, I wish the best for everyone in the upcoming year.

But looking back, online shopping has been very lively in 2010. Discount designer brands, that are endlessly provided by sites such as ideeli, Swirl, Gilt Groupe and Haute Look have only gotten bigger (and have successfully seduced me time and time again to make several unnecessary spending this year, along with Groupon).

Case in point: I saw that PVC black bootie today at ideeli and until this moment, am still thinking hard whether to buy it or not. Not only I never have any PVC bootie before (therefore have no experience if it’s comfortable), but I have always loved that particular  silhouette ever since I saw Mandarina Duck‘s bootie in 2007 in Paris. As if my bank account hasn’t screamed at me yet….

Big names like Google and Visa are also in the mix by launching and offering online shopping tool to organize your shopping, respectively. Will many others follow? The market is still growing and it’s in human nature to spend and consume, really.

Shoppers are also getting more proactive and assertive more than ever. Virtual wardrobe that are very accessible and easy to do are also a hit for fashionistas and just about anyone who wants to see themselves in different looks. Sites such as Polyvore has been widely used by fashion blogs everywhere, as well as ShopStyle. For us girls, it’ SO EASY to drown ourselves in those two sites and “trying out” stuff. And really, don’t get me started in social media. Y’all know wassup out there.

But since I personally don’t have much time to drown myself online (I do want to keep my online and offline life balanced), I mostly still usethe old-world tools: my sketch book and pencil. Sometimes, it’s quicker to jot down ideas that way :) I always think I have way too many clothes (although I’m sure my collection will easily be beaten by a lot of you ladies out there), so I always try to find new ways to mix and match my outfits, as well as deconstruct and resew them if I want to to jazz them up.

Either way, it’s easy for us to “play” fashion  online and offline in this day and age. Which brings me the greater anticipation: how will the online shopping evolve more in 2011? I can’t wait.

1 day left to 2011,

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