*Sigh*….My obsession with vintage or vintage-inspired things is apparently far from over. Just one look at this beautiful messenger bag from ASOS (the site’s having a 50% off sale right now) and I’m hooked once again. The sturdy lines, the leather, the color, the silhouette, the urban functionality…oh my gosh, I can go on and on.

Several search queries on ASOS and Boutiques.com leads me to the following similar, rather interesting  styles that pretty much stay true to the retro and urban feel with a taste of edginess.

First off is this ASOS shoulder bag, which is pretty cute and still on the money with the overall feel. Perhaps a bit too small for my taste, but it’s very versatile and workable for everyday use.

That cute small shoulder bag brought me straight to Mulberry’s The Lily bag.  Rather expensive, yes, but the style’s right on. This bag is the perfect combination of lady-like and superwoman with a western feel to it. Very effortlessly edgy and chic, indeed. And while I was still on the subject of Mulberry, I also found this Alexa leather messenger bag. I still like my first pick above better, but this is an OK choice in my book.

Well, actually if you don’t mind paying a bit more for this kind of silhouette, you may want to consider this Proenza Schouler bag. A bit small in stature, but packs a lot of punch for the styling. I got a really strong, great first impression from this bag.

Last but not least is this wild card from Siamod Fratti. And guess what? It’s actually a laptop bag! I didn’t realize that the first time I saw it. But when I looked at its other colors, yup, it’s a laptop bag indeed. But if you buy this particular color (brown), the bag goes beyond its laptop usability. Isn’t that nice?

Oh, and a shout-out to San Francisco’s very own “Project Runway”-like competition: Fashion Feud final round is here!!! Go check it out you guys, and good luck to the designers!

Have fun,

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