Back in 2010, I posted about vintage/antique stores in San Carlos. That was a a few days after I finished the convertible top I talked about last Wednesday, so I was feeling giddy when I wrote that post :)

Now it’s time to show you one of the things I got during my vintage shopping: the golden necklace-brooch combo.
It took me two visits to Antiques Then and Now to convince myself that I want to have that necklace-brooch.

I was unsure at first due to its color and the seemingly off-putting brooch’s tassels. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be to wear this with my signature white-shirt-black-tie look, the different ways I could rock this out….

…So I bought it on the next day, along with a beautiful white-beaded Parisian purse. And sure enough, I’m in love now. I wore it during last year’s Christmas mass (yes, that’s my Christmas choir outfit minus the hat — the hat was bought 3 weeks after at Fillmore’s Cross Trading Co.), where I joined the choir.

My friends love the necklace/brooch and several of them ask me to do vintage hunting for them. Oh honey, if I have all the time in the world, I would travel the world to find gorgeous vintage things. Speaking of which, I really envy the people who travels the world to discover cool things to decorate Anthropologie stores. Like, really really envious. Really.

Do you have favorite vintage finds?

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