On October 24, I went to EuroDisney just outside of Paris with two friends. There were two big occasions at that time; first was the Halloween week (so there was a halloween parade and the park’s decorations certainly reflected that Halloween spirit); second was the EuroDisney’s 15th birthday celebration (there was a “Candle-o-bration” of lighting the “candles” of the Cinderella castle). The sky was rather cloudy and the overall weather was a bit too cool, but we still had a lotta fun! If there’s anything I wasn’t too fond of, it’s the size of the amusement park. But then again, I’m too used to seeing the-bigger-the-better amusement parks in the United States :)

Here are the pictures:


Here’s the full EuroDisney – Halloween album:

EuroDisney - Halloween
EuroDisney - HalloweenOct 24, 2007Photos: 188

Disney-French flavored Halloween, now that’s a Halloween celebration,