Woohh….a long weekend!!! Yay!

I’m sure many of you have plans already, but in case you’re still last-minute-wondering-what’s-going-on-with-this-weekend confused, why not go to Napa Valley? Gorgeous view, nice ride, and wine. Expensive? Not really. Check it out: 5 sights to see in Napa Valley for less than $25!

Need a great playlist to accompany you during the long ride? Go visit Silverlake to Soho for the Labor Day 2010 playlist!

Me? I’m going to (hopefully) check out  the cute Montara, CA and Alameda Island (that I blogged about not too long before) to do some photo hunting, as well as shopping at Vacaville :)

For those of you who set your sights farther, Jetsetter.com can help you get started :)

Happy Labor Day weekend,

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