Woohh….a long weekend!!! Yay!

I’m sure many of you have plans already, but in case you’re still last-minute-wondering-what’s-going-on-with-this-weekend confused, why not go to Napa Valley? Gorgeous view, nice ride, and wine. Expensive? Not really. Check it out: 5 sights to see in Napa Valley for less than $25!

Need a great playlist to accompany you during the long ride? Go visit Silverlake to Soho for the Labor Day 2010 playlist!

Me? I’m going to (hopefully) check out ¬†the cute Montara, CA and Alameda Island (that I blogged about not too long before) to do some photo hunting, as well as shopping at Vacaville :)

For those of you who set your sights farther, Jetsetter.com can help you get started :)

Happy Labor Day weekend,