Fuuh….it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. But now that I am in Paris (yes, I will live in Paris until December), I found a fresh new surge of energy to update my blog with things I found in France (and eventually, Europe). Why am I in Paris? Well, I participate in a study abroad program from my school, and I chose ESSEC as the host university. So now, I am attending classes as well as traveling around. This is my first time ever in Europe, so I am very, very excited.

I visited Le château de Fontainebleau last Friday, September 7, 2007. Great castle with very classic interior design and furniture details. The gardens were gorgeous, too. It was too bad that the Chinese Pavilion was closed on that particular day, but here are some teaser pictures of the château:

Fontainebleau ChateauLe Salon Francois IThe François 1er Gallery L'appartement du Pape - Chambre a coucherLa Salle du TroneLa Galleria di DianaChapelle de La TriniteDSCF1712A Chandelier at La Salle de BalA clock of three goddess of fate at Le Salon BlancOne tip of Fontainebleau ChateauFontainebleau ChateauA Green Silhouette at the English GardenEtang des CarpesThe Grand Parterre "French Garden"One view at Grand ParterreAngel of the canal (Av. des Cascades)

If you find yourself wanting for more pictures, here’s the complete album:

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Thanks for reading guys,

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