Hi again, and this time I would like to share some pictures of my last field trip to Auvers sur Oise and Giverny.
In the Chateau of Auvers, we visited the museum that is surprisingly high-tech and very informative about France’s history and its connection to the impressionist movement in the 19th century. I also wandered around the village of Auvers-sur-Oise and discovered some interesting buildings, one of them was the church (you can see some of the pictures here) and Vincent Van Gogh’s tomb.

At Giverny, I visited the famous Water Lily Garden and its Japanese bridge, as well as went inside Claude Monet’s house and walked around the garden that surrounded the house. Since photography is strictly prohibited inside the house, I could only share the exteriors of the house. I hope you enjoy it. Until next time!


Of course, you can look at the full album from this link below:

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Have a great one,

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