I would like to share some fashion(able) findings from Mill Valley and Tiburon, both located north of San Francisco, CA. The one highlight from Mill Valley was FINN Fine Apparel and Design. Great handbags and shoes made in limited quantity from Italy; the design, craftmanship, and color was just so uniquely pop-up that I couldn't help being excited in that store.



Also, Tiburon Downtown has a very serene, cool vibe that just felt totally right. There were some interesting galleries I found while strolling down the downtown alley with my boyfriend, too. Here are a glimpse of Tiburon downtown scenery and the stores:




Alright, that's all from me this week. No fireworks, but I am thoroughly happy with how my life went in the past few weeks. It's now time to bring more excitement to share!

Have a great rest of 4th of July, and have a wonderful rest of the week.

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