A day after the Fontainebleau Chateau trip, I decided to go to Paris. At first, I only wanted to visit two places: Eiffel Tower and the American Church in Paris (since I think it makes sense to go to an English-speaking priests). However, I found myself wandering around Paris and visited places way more than I originally planned. After Tour Eiffel, I went to Parc Du Champ De Mars (Place Joffre and Ecole Militaire), Musee de L'armee, Palais de La Decouverte (Grand Palais and Petit Palais), Place de La Concorde, and of course, Le Louvre. Oh my God, it felt surreal standing in front of Le Louvre. I could still feel the shivers (by the way, it IS getting colder here). Enjoy the pictures!



Here’s the complete album of my Wandering in Paris (September 8, 2007) set:

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