For the first time in San Francisco JPop Summit Festival history, JPop Summit 2013 expanded beyond Japantown to team up with Union Square Live to have very special live performances by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kylee, Daichi and LoVendoЯ at Union Square on Sunday, July 28 from 2pm to 4:30pm. The free mini-concert arguably drew one of the largest crown on Union Square in my recent memory, and all four performances on this Union Square Live JPop Summit 2013 collaboration delighted the crowd.

While I’m not that familiar with all of the songs played, I can say that we had tons of pictures to sort through from that day. So I’m here to share the pictures with you fafafoomers! Are you ready to see lots of pictures? (Yes, of course you are :)

Kylee started out the special Union Square Live mini-concert with her new work, including the English version cover of “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” by Siam Shade (Rurouni Kenshin OST) and Crazy For You. This Stanford University student looked fresh with short hair cut, sharp-as-razor big voice, and confidently backed by her rocking hard Los Angeles-based band.

After Kylee, LoVendoЯ took the stage in fiery red-and-black outfits and a whole lotta spunk. The Morning Musume graduate Reina Tanaka got the most love, however this relatively new group showed a lot of promise. The second vocalist is Marina Okada, accompanied with guitarists Yuki Uozumi and Marin Miyazawa. Marin might have gotten some more fans due to her lower-than-expected voice pitch. She’s so cute!

Nevertheless, it was clear as day that Reina Tanaka was the main draw of this group. The other three (recruited from a Craiglist ad that attracted thousands of people auditioning for performing with Reina Tanaka) need to work upping their star power because Reina exuded such a superstar aura and charisma on that outdoor stage.

During the transition between LoVendoЯ and Daichi, I heard small “Kyaa~~ Kyaa~~” on my right. Lo and behold, it’s the Harajuku Kawaii models! Of course we had to take one or two pictures.

And yes, we’re still obsessed with Yura’s antics.

Then, it’s the beat boxer Daichi‘s turn. His skills remind me of Rockapella’s legendary human beat boxer Jeff Thacher. I’m really glad to see the art of beat boxing is alive and well in Daichi. A natural entertainer, he successfully got the crowd so excited with his awesome live performance.

What Google Photo’s “Auto Awesome” feature creates out of the above pictures =D

And finally, shortly after 3:30pm, the headliner Kyary Pamyu Pamyu emerged from backstage, screaming wholeheartedly to her mic towards a throng of (also) screaming fans. Suddenly, the press-only area got so much more crowded. With her multi-colored pink dress, bow, shoes, and four hardcore dancers, she blasted through her hits PonPonPon, Invader Invader, Kyary ANAN, and Tsukema Tsukeru.

The crowd was happily wrapped around her pinky finger, participated in mimicking her hand gestures for Kyary ANAN and Tsukema Tsukeru. Energetic and cheerful, the super-duper-kawaii-oh-my-gosh-she’s-just-so-adorable Harajuku girl effortlessly sang, swinged and bounced through choreography of all four songs, grinning and smiling widely to the crowd.

Have fun browsing all the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu pictures Chris and I took below!

At the end of her too-short set, she seemed genuinely touched for all the love the crowd poured for her, bowing deeply in gratitude before she disappeared backstage. Aww Kyary, you have to come back again to San Francisco!!!

And before they all left, might as well get a picture with the super kawaii Ayumi, Saki, Yura, and Eva! Poor Saki looked so tired (maybe because of jet lag?)…if only I can look that pretty when I have jet lag…

Thank you for reading (and browsing through the pictures). Hope you like them. Were you there?