How was your January, everybody? Has it been a great start for you? Are you still on track on your new year resolution or is it a forgotten memory? It’s alright if it’s the latter, making a year-long promise for something you didn’t do very thoughtfully is perhaps something we all should not do in the first place.

Anyway, January has been a great start for me, fafafoom-wise. I’m really glad to see the progress I’ve seen on Google Analytics, as well as the social channels Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest! I feel that 2014 can be a great year of connecting with many more people and sharing many stories of experiences, many of which have not happened yet.

I love reflecting; I’m an introspective person by nature. Before I continue to sail 2014, I stop a bit to reflect. I realize the ups-and-downs of 2013, I know I want to make 2014 better. So to freshly start off 2014, I start doing things outside of my predictable set of daily routines. I’ll see how I like it by the end of the month, and assess whether it’s worth continuing or moving on to something else next month. For me, that makes more sense than having the burden of a new year resolution.

One thing I deem absolutely worth continuing is taking free classes at Coursera (I highly recommend it; you will find at least one free online course for you). Currently I’m taking a Content Strategy class, which really reminds and broadens my mindset about how I can engage with you readers. The course is still ongoing, but I already updated the About Us page as the first takeaway action. That page is always a work-in-progress, but at least now I feel I’m sharing more about why and how fafafoom exists, not just what it is.

I started with one course, but I’m enjoying the relatively short time commitment and the tremendous insights I get so much that I am taking more classes. I’m so excited to learn new things this year. For fafafoom, I plan to:
1. learn about you (the readers) better – I want to analyze past blog posts’ reach, see which ones connect the most, and make more of those posts.
2. experiment with the DIY Projects presentation – I may start presenting the DIY Projects landing page in a gallery/portfolio format, see if it draws better engagement with returning visitors and attract new visitors.
3. do more interviews with fashion entrepreneurs and makers – The volume of these posts perhaps depend on #1 result, but I feel their stories need to be shared a lot more.

Last year, I missed out a lot of fashion shows due to travels. Right now, I’m not sure how many of those I missed will be un-missed this year. However, I’m constantly looking for ways I can still publish fashion show coverages without actually attending them in person. I’ve been doing that for New York shows, but we’ll see how it goes for local San Francisco Bay Area shows (and everywhere else!).

Setting those goals above, I understand I have to be realistic in my priorities amongst other things happening in my life. We sometimes do prioritize our priorities, and that’s normal. I accept that it’s OK to delay some projects in order to not spread myself too thin. Just as long as I’m passionate and highly motivated about doing it, I know I will make time for it. I’m sure many of you readers feel and do the same with things in your daily life.

So that’s it this week, guys. My latest DIY project is still in-progress and I will share it next week. Enjoy your weekend, good luck getting your tables at your favorite Chinese restaurant if you celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse!

Until next time, God bless,

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