San Francisco’s fashion and tech enthusiasts mingled at Broadway Studios (435 Broadway St., the North Beach district) on February 18, 2014 for Stylematic App launch party and fashion show. Dubbed as “Your Virtual Stylist”, Stylematic aims to help you rediscover your style by getting personalized style recommendations. It’s currently available for iPhone only.

When you first use the Stylematic app, you will be asked to make your own style profile. Stylematic will then be able to suggest personalized style recommendations based on the profile, as well as give you the ability to crowd-source fashion advice on things to buy or wear. Stylematic app delivers increasingly personalized style recommendations over time, making it a great tool to help you shop smarter.

As we’re waiting for the event to start, the Broadway studios got gradually filled up as guests came pouring in and DJ Blaus got the music going.
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Close to 8pm, Stylematic app launch party and fashion show began with a short keynotes session. After a an introductory remark by Stylematic’s Bernadette Bohan, iFabbo international fashion and beauty blogger organization founder Sinead Norenius kicked off the session. She emphasized the goal to support entrepreneurs like Stylematic’s CEO Karen Song, and pumped up the crowd by driving home the fact that San Franciscans just “get high” by supporting the underdogs, the newbies who offer something new and different.

The North Face Founder Hap Klopp was next, offering great advice tidbits for new entrepreneurs. There were a great deal of gems, but the ones I like the most were “Don’t fear failure when you’re trying something new” and “When you’re small, you need to differentiate in order to get noticed; it doesn’t take much to differentiate, but when you do, you stand out.”

Stylematic CEO Karen Song was short and sweet in her remarks, encouraging “show us your style” with Stylematic app. Nkechi, founder of The Emeruwa Music Foundation, together with Patricia “Savitri” Burbank, co-founder of One World Children’s Fund then briefly took the stage together. Stylematic would donate to One World Children’s Fund, and Nkechi was getting ready to host the fashion show she produced.

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And with that, the fashion show, featuring 10 local designers, started. The 10 designers* (in chronological order) are Carol Wong, Dhanya Gutta, Marissa Lucero, Candice Cuoco, Anubha Srivastav, Tomo Saito, Ellie (from LA), Lan Jaenicke, and Betabrand. My favorites are Candice Cuoco’s sexy leather outfits and Lan Jaenicke’s well-made coats & jackets. Below are one selected look from each designers:

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*To see selected looks from each designers, please see the Stylematic App Launch Party Recap album.

By the time we arrived at the 10th collection (Betabrand), the audience was already a bit unfocused. However, thanks to the male models and their playfulness, the room got a second shot of vigor.

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One of the male models above was unlike the others. Can you go back and spot him? Well, the man with the mustache (I was told the mustache was gone the day after) is none other than Betabrand co-founder and CTO Colin Stuart, who decided to show off his own legit runway skillz. Personally, it’s really fun to see Betabrand strutting their stuff here, since we have been long-time fans of Betabrand.

Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland also took the stage along with the models for the finale walk to throw his support and congratulations to Karen. He did his short speech while keeping the party going. The man knows how to have fun and multi-task :)

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And with that, the fashion show ended, but the night was still young! All of the Stylematic team, fashion designers, and models took a group picture on the stage (see below). Shortly after that, the white and pink balloons that were suspended near the ceiling (remember them from one of the earlier shots in this post?) were released, the music got louder, and people started dancing the night away. A new fashion tech entrepreneur is in the house, and that’s plenty enough reason to continue celebrating.

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Want to see more pictures? Browse through Stylematic App Launch Party Recap album:
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Thanks for reading, and congratulations once again to Stylematic. We wish them all the best!

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