Summer is finally here, but bright sunny days are not to be taken for granted in San Francisco Bay Area. Reminiscing one rare Saturday when I got to wear a maxi dress and no jacket in Calistoga’s Dutch Henry winery. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

When I go to friends’ gathering, they sometimes asked whether I made or refashion the attire or accessories I wear. It’s amusing that the number of times they ask greatly exceeds the number of finished DIY fashion projects I did. While I do enjoy doing projects from time to time, in reality I rarely have the time to do so.

I try to be mindful when deciding to do any DIY projects. Whether it’s a relatively quick refashion project or a more involved, time-consuming sewing projects, I want to be able to wear them from time to time. Some of them end up being my staples, like the fabric oxfords, which I regularly wear to work, and my makeup case, which takes permanent residence in my purse nearly every day.

Likewise, some DIY garment projects get more air time than others. It’s easy to take out the black sequined sweater from my closet, and my high-low circle dress also gets its share of showtime during social gatherings. I also wear my bolero jacket almost every evening at home, since it’s usually rather chilly. But it’s not often I get to wear my refashioned maxi dress.
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Our visit to Dutch Henry winery was a great opportunity to wear this maxi dress, bought at H&M during NBC’s Fashion Star days. It was a rather straight-forward fix for the top part of the dress, and I was waiting for the right moment to wear this dress, which requires sunny days.

That Saturday, it was the perfect opportunity to pair this maxi dress with my refashioned white flats. Finishing off an outfit with a white knit cardigan from Isda & Co. instead of a jacket or coat was a rare chance, but it was a no-brainer for a 80 Fahrenheit bright, sunny day. The vineyard provided the perfect background for a Wine Country-themed photoshoot :)
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With the temperature now settling at mid-60s, I don’t know whether I can wear this kind of breezy outfits again this summer. In any case, I’m glad that I had this rare chance, and I’m grateful Chris was there with me to capture this moment.
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I hope you have a great weekend and sunny days ahead this summer!

Thanks for reading; until next time,

Style Notes: refashioned H&M maxi dress, Isda & Co. cardigan, refashioned MIA shoes, and thrifted bag.

Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

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