Retail Tech Summit Recap – Fashion Tech Week 2014

This is my third and last entry of the Fashion Tech Week 2014 (FTW14), which was held from Monday, 2/24 to Sunday, 3/2. The two other FTW14 events I went to were the first-ever SF Fashion Pitch competition and the Wearable Tech Demo. On the last day of the FTW14, executives and entrepreneurs in retail […]

Wearable Tech Demo Recap – Fashion Tech Week 2014

The second Fashion Tech Week 2014 event I went to was WearTechCon: WearableTech Demo Night on Thursday evening 2/27 at General Assembly – Forio, 20 Rausch St., San Francisco. The slightly uneasy feeling I had when walking to the event from 5th and Mission parking garage was immediately washed away upon arrival; many had arrived […]

Fashion Pitch Competition Recap – Fashion Tech Week 2014

Last week, I got to go to three events of Fashion Tech Week 2014, a week-long event sponsored by SFFAMA that celebrated the “convergence of fashion, technology and innovation” in San Francisco. This is my first out of three posts that will focus on each of the events I went to. The first one I […]