For the Love of Lace: de Young Museum Textile Treasures On View

“Lace: Labor and Luxury”, a small installation at San Francisco’s de Young Fine Arts Museum taught me exquisite textiles come in small packages. Plus, my favorites from “Lines on the Horizon: Native American Art from the Wiesel Family Collection” and Te Rongo Kirkwood’s “Ka Awatea ~ The Journey of Life Through Light” exhibitions. When I […]

Fashion Accelerator 360: Empowering Fashion Innovators and Entrepreneurs

A Q&A session with Liza Deyrmenjian. She’s the founder of Fashion Accelerator 360, an online learning resources for fashion innovators and entrepreneurs to start their own business. You might have heard about Isabella Rose Taylor, a 13-year old designer who landed her fashion line in Nordstrom (available Fall 2014). Her mentor, who taught Ms. Taylor […]

May’n Interview + Dots and Lines Concert Photos at Slim’s San Francisco

We arrived at Slim’s San Francisco shortly before 6 pm. Many May’n fans were already lining up in front of the venue, and loud music could be heard clearly outside. May’n, the J-Pop singer internationally famous for her role as the singing voice of Sheryl Nome on animation series Macross Frontier, was rehearsing inside for […]