Celebrating Harajuku Fashion with MaruQ San Francisco

Celebrating Harajuku Fashion with MaruQ San Francisco

Continuing J-Pop Summit tradition, the kawaii and colorful Harajuku fashion gets a spotlight during J-Pop Summit 2015, thanks to MaruQ San Francisco’s fashion showcase and competition. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

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We LOVE Yanakiku: Interview and Performance at J-Pop Summit 2015

The kimocos vocal duo Yanakiku was back for the second time for J-Pop Summit 2015! We love Yanakiku and had a wonderful time chatting with them and watching their performance. They opened up about their close connection to each other, kimocos, personal style, and more! Photos by Christian Hadiajaja.

Lovely Musubizm Encounter at J-Pop Summit 2015

Musubizm girls – Eru Shiina, Rurika Miyajima, Misa Kimura, Nami Yamada, and Mai Imai – may be newcomer in Japan’s idol group ecosystem, but these girls have a lot of enthusiastic energy and big dreams. We got to see them performing and interview them at J-Pop Summit 2015. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Catching Up with Ayumi Seto and Aymmy in the batty girls

Interviewing Ayumi Seto is definitely one of J-Pop Summit 2015 highlights. It’s truly awesome we got to do catch-up one year after our first interview and learn more about her Aymmy in the batty girls brand, personal style, and future projects. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

DIY Projects

Apparel, accessories, papergoods for DIY fashion enthusiasts.

Pursuing Happiness by Creating Handmade Cards

Two dozen handmade cards and counting, I realize making them is more than a hobby. It’s an effective mean to send my thoughts to others thoughtfully, and I’d like to share some mindset tips for making them.

DIY Mesh Covered White Flats

Turning my old wedding shoes into a DIY mesh covered white flats. Thanks to Mod Podge, the pair of shoes is looking so much better with added mesh texture!

DIY Flowers in Boxes: Impulsively Romantic

I got an impulsive urge to do a quick DIY that involves no sewing (finally!) that results in romantic DIY flowers in boxes. It’s accidentally timely for a Valentine’s Day weekend.

Style Notes

What I wear, what I think, and what I feel.

Maxi Dress for Summer Weekend in Wine Country

Summer is finally here, but bright sunny days are not to be taken for granted in San Francisco Bay Area. Reminiscing one rare Saturday when I got to wear a maxi dress and no jacket in Calistoga’s Dutch Henry winery. Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

Drape Drape: Harputs Dress and Sou Sou Coat

My style note for CCA 2015 Graduation Fashion Show: Harputs dress and Sou Sou coat. I’m getting a lot of good feedback even weeks after the event has passed! Photos by Christian Hadidjaja.

My Personal It Bag: Orange Longchamp Clutch

This orange Gatsby Longchamp clutch has been my style savior for the past two years and counting, and it deserves a standing ovation. It’s my personal It bag that will hopefully stay by my side for many more years to come!

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