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Book Review: Sewing for Fashion Designers by Anette Fischer

Sewing for Fashion Designers by Anette Fischer is a must-have for fashion enthusiasts. The thorough yet concise guidance is a gem for fashion lovers who want to improve their sewing skills like myself! Photos: Courtesy of Laurence King Publishing.

Denim Dudes: For the Love of Denim

“Denim Dudes: Street Style – Vintage – Workwear – Obsession” by Amy Leverton (available March 2015) is a visual feast of men who love their denim deeply. Passionately. Contagiously. As a reader, it’s hard not to get inspired by these 90+ dudes from all around the world.

Art & Sole by Jane Weitzman: Admiring Fantasy Shoes

“ART & SOLE” by Jane Gershon Weitzman is an inspiring book for art and shoe lovers (as well as DIYers). 150+ full color photos of fantasy shoes curated by Mrs. Weitzman is packaged in a bold red and gold covering, colors most fitting for the upcoming Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year!


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