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Art Institute of California San Francisco Fashion Show 2012 Review

It was a bittersweet affair at Art Institute of California San Francisco Fashion Show 2012 on Saturday, June 16 at SF Design Center. On one hand, the talented students brought out great fashion at “What’s Next, Are You Ready To Wear” student fashion show, as expected. On the other hand, it was Bo Breda’s last [...]

Art Institute of California San Francisco Fashion Lineup Spring 2011 Review

Dallas Coulter AIC SF 2011

I was looking forward for the Art Institute of California – San Francisco’s spring fashion show since early this year, and this year’s presentation of Art Institute of California Fashion Lineup really highlighted great talents and creative concepts. The fact that four of the six winners of the night were the ones doing the Independent [...]

What’s Hot This Weekend

Guys, you know the feeling when time seems to stand still and your memories flash before your eyes? Well, I sure don’t. Because for the past handful of weeks, time was blazing fast and sometimes I don’t even have any idea where I am or who I am. OK, maybe not that severe, but perhaps [...]

Constituent Parts Fashion Show, April 28, 2011 Review

Autie Carlisle at Constituent Parts Fashion Show

Phew! What a week! And it’s Friday again! Anyway, based on the WordPress stats, it’s very clear to me that a great deal of fafafoom readers want to see this post coming :) Well, I hope I don’t disappoint. 111 Minna Gallery is quite a cool place to have an intimate fashion show in, although [...]

Constituent Parts: Independent Fashion Show

Constituent Parts Fashion Show 2011 flyer

Update: The Constituent Parts fashion show review is up! I’m very excited to be coming to Constituent Parts / Independent Fashion Show this Thursday, April 28, 2011. Four of Art Institute of California – San Francicso fashion designers are breaking out from the pack and holding their own show: Autie Carlisle, Cameron Stewart, Justin Jamison, [...]