Author: Mira Musank

What I wear: leather jacket and trapper hat

When I was in Paris in 2007, I fell in love with the concept of thrift shopping. So one day, I got this awesome, beat-up, snug brown leather jacket that I instantly fell in love with.

One trip to local H&M got me this trapper hat from the men’s section (Who cares? Fashion knows no gender). After several days thinking about the photo shoot concept, I arrived at the girly aviator idea, complete with long blood red scarf and black outfit.

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What I wear: LBD and black heels

When I was in Rome, Italy two years ago, I came across this half sweater that just intrigues me soooo much. So I bought it :)

This half-sweater turns out to be not-too-functional but super cool photo shoot accessory, it gives such a modern yet unfinished look for something so simple and classic as LBD (little black dress) and black heels.

Playing with this outfit is so fun, and for some reason I can’t get the words “Squatting Ducks” out of my mind. So I made two versions of it:

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Hi, I’m Mira Musank!

I love upcycling textile waste and pre-owned materials into custom apparels and home decor. Based in San Francisco Bay Area. Creative adventurer since 2007. Find me on Instagram!

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