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DIY Square on a Tee

A refashioning project that’s long overdue, using an old tee and a square-shaped fabric sample. I’m glad I finally got a chance to do this DIY Square on a Tee for spring / summer. It’s a subtle yet very effective use to showcase a pretty fabric / texture on a simple t-shirt!

Make It Pretty: DIY Lace Appliques on a Blouse

Beautifying a hardly worn silk blouse by hand stitching lace appliques (cut out of lace remnants) on it, inspired by a pink dress shirt Carrie Brownstein wore on recent “Late Night” TV appearance.

DIY Dress Extension: a Fix for a Too-Short LBD

Fixing a cute little black dress that’s borderline too short with a DIY dress extension made out of black georgette fabric and attached with hook and eye loop cotton tape.

High-Low Circle Skirt Dress Sewing Project

My first DIY dress ever! It was a rather impulsive decision, and the execution was muddled with detours. It took me 20 hours from sketching to finished garment, but the end result (and learning experience) was SUPER worth it!

A Neckline Fix to Keep the Girls In

It’s great to wear a wrap dress, but the gap on the front is always problematic. It’s time to fix it and keep the girls safely tucked in!

Wedding DIY Birdcage Veil with Flowers

For my second wedding celebration to the same man, my beloved Chris, I want to add a personal touch to my bridal attire. I decided to make this DIY birdcage veil with flowers, which turns out to be a fun DIY project that gives the perfect finishing touch to my wedding outfit.

DIY Scarf Top with Kimono Sleeves

This is perhaps the tipping point for my love of DIY projects. Making simple kaftan scarf top with kimono sleeves from an old H&M scarf was such a fun experience. I couldn’t believe I almost throw this barely-used scarf away; it has such a pretty flower print and colors!


Hi, I’m Mira Musank!

I'm a DIY fashion lover, sustainable style maker, and textile design learner based in San Francisco Bay Area. Creative adventurer since 2007. Find me on Instagram!

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